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In General by Adam Friedman

“It depends” will be my response when you seek my best advice on fitness, health, and anything else for that matter.

This is because there are so many underlying factors that can impact your results. And it’s not until I have all the variables in front of me, that I can provide your with an informed answer. Which is always my goal.

I’m sharing this because I have a favor to ask…

Help me to help you.

“ASK ADAM”: What’s in it for you?

There are few things I would love more than to assist you in reaching your potential. That’s why I am starting an ongoing forum for all my subscribers and social media followers called “ASK ADAM”.

By asking me a question on any of my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), I will respond in-kind.

This will allow me to help you and many others who are experiencing a similar situation.

Know that you’re not alone. It’s my hope that you can see this as an opportunity for your candid question to make a difference for others.

With each day, it’s about focusing outward on the world that helps us all to move forward together 🙂

What you can expect from me…

I promise to give you my best response based upon the specifics that you share with me. Even when you do, there may be no quick and simple solutions.

My answer will be my opinion. It will come from my belief system which is based on my experience and what I’ve learned over the past 25 years as a strength coach.

That experience prompts me to let you know that I reserve the right to change my mind in the future. This is because I’ve learned how to often the latest “science” can contradict what I thought I knew.

With that said, I will seek to get to the root of the issue to reduce the margin of error. And addressing the root will also produce the greatest results.

It’s a WIN-WIN!!

“ASK ADAM” is my way of encouraging your quest to be an Athlete For Life. This in-turn extends to the entire Advanced Athletics community, and beyond.

Looking forward to your questions.

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With gratitude,