Understanding VO2

In General by Adam Friedman

There are lots of ways that I can measure a new client’s fitness level. The method that I’ve found is the most accurate and scientifically advanced is VO2 cardiovascular assessment. But not many people understand exactly how or why VO2 testing works so well.

Fitness can be measured by the volume of oxygen we consume while exercising at our maximum capacity. Your VO2max level is the maximum amount of oxygen uptake that you can perform during one minute of intense exercise. Those who are fit have higher VO2max values and can exercise more intensely than those who are not as well conditioned. I perform VO2 testing on my most serious, results-oriented clients.

Numerous studies show that you can increase your VO2max by working out at an intensity that raises your heart rate to around 75% of its maximum capacity for at least 20 minutes, three to five times a week. The Santa Monica Stairs workout is one of my favorite ways to improve my VO2 uptake in a local, friendly setting.

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What are some of your favorite ways to get intense, VO2-boosting exercise?