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why lighter weights will help make you a stronger athlete

In General by Adam Friedman

No matter what your athletic goal is, your strength is the vessel that makes it possible to reach it.

This is because strength training is about gaining control over your body.

And when you push the outer limits of your athletic performance, you must have a surplus of that control.

The more you increase your strength, the better your performance. And the better your durability for injury prevention.

But this only works well if you follow the right principles to build your foundation of strength.

If not, there will be a lower ceiling on the results you can achieve and sustain. Not to mention, you’ll be at a higher risk for injury.

I want you to stop going through the motions and strength train the right way. Fast track your results using this crucial strength principle.

Time Under Tension (T.U.T.)

The longer the duration that your muscle is under load (lifting, holding and lowering a weight), the greater the demand will be to match that force. And your body will respond with greater levels of strength.

When you apply this with the proper technique, you’ll build your foundation of strength from the inside out.

This is important because your intrinsic muscles (closest to the skeleton) help hold your joints together. You need these smaller, interior muscles to be strong. Because if they can’t handle the strength of your larger global muscles, then a breakdown is imminent.

The stronger your deeper stabilizers, the safer your absolute strength can be. It’s one of the fundamental reasons I include core stability in all of my strength programs.

To promote this, it helps to regress towards lighter weights and slower movements.

Lighten up

For one, this will help you detach from depending on lifting heavier weight to build strength. That mindset requires a linear progression to be successful. But it’s not sustainable.

Slower speeds and lighter weights allow you to establish a better mind-body connection.

With this, you can improve your ability to voluntarily create muscular tension. Especially in the right places. And this is how you will gain full command of your movement.

As your your ability to control tension becomes second nature, you can adjust the program. This is because you will be able to better control your body when you increase weight and speed.

When you apply this principle on an ongoing basis, I guarantee that your workouts will never be the same. The level of intensity and your personal satisfaction will reach new heights…along with your strength and performance.

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Your coach,