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you are the franchise

In General by Adam Friedman

In the game of life, how you show up to it when it matters most is the difference between winning and losing the day.

And how you show up is largely dependent on your behind the scenes preparation. It’s how you can get to increase the potential in your performance now and longevity for later.

Case in point.

On every professional sports team, there’s one player who’s anointed as the “franchise”. This player has proven to be the ‘X’ factor between wins and losses.

Tom Brady in football, LeBron James in basketball, and Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer are the obvious examples.

Their significance to their organizations is evident. That’s why these players receive their own “team within the team.”

They have doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength coaches, mental coaches, massage therapists, nutritionists, chefs, and many more are all on staff. And their number one priority is to cater to every health and performance need of the franchise player.

It’s an orchestrated effort to maintain a structure that allows the player to have only one concern…

To perform at the highest level…night after night.

Having that focus is essential to achieving greatness. And all the players mentioned above exemplify this best.

How does this relate to you?

You are the franchise player in your game of life. You are the ‘X’ factor in winning or losing today, tomorrow, and so on.

The onus is on you.

Keep in mind that the athletes mentioned above have it easier than you do, because their teams provide all the resources in the world. And it ensures their longevity of being great athletes.

You, on the other hand, get to be responsible for two things they don’t:

  1. Building and maintain your own health structure.
  2. Investing in your own resources and support team.

Only then, can you focus on performing at the highest level when the moment calls for it.

Remember that you are the difference maker. So take charge of your outcomes with the right preparation.

In my 30-Day Get Lean Challenge program, I lay out a solid structure that can set you on the right path.



Image via: Christopher Burns, Unsplash