3 ways to give your age the middle finger

In General by Adam Friedman

Remember years ago, that age you feared turning? You had a belief that when you reached it, you’d officially be “over-the-hill?”

Well, for me that age was 45 which is what I turned today.

When I was 25, I didn’t know that I could continue to be youthfully athletic, strong, and lean in my mid-40’s. That’s because I didn’t know about the same three strategies that some of the best athletes in the world apply each day. And I do now.

I’m talking about athletes that are old enough to be the parents and even grandparents of many of their competitors.

Just look at what’s possible today with the right know-how.

Tom Brady, at 40, is putting up numbers this season as good as any year in his football career.

Roger Federer, at 36, is still dominating in tennis majors at #2 in the world.

Venus Williams, at 37, is the 5th ranked women’s tennis player in the world and is still winning majors.

And my client and good friend, Stephani Victor, who at 48 is training to compete for even more Gold Medals in monoskiing in her 5th Paralympics in 2018.

So how do they do it?

What are they doing that others aren’t?

It all comes down to a few simple principles and habits practiced daily:

Lots of high quality, deep sleep
Proper anti-inflammatory nutrition
The right type of strength training
Breathwork for faster recovery time
Mobility work to maintain healthy joints
Precise use of supplements based on your specific needs
Self massage (hint: most people do this all wrong and make things worse)

And here are the 3 main reasons these habits work so well:

Maintain Healthy Joints

In order for your body to move fluidly, and maximize its performance potential, each or your joints must have control over an optimal range of motion.

On the other hand, if you have two or more joints with restriction or weakness in certain movements, then it leads to compensation in the body, and ultimately breakdown and injury.

The problem that I’ve seen is the majority of the pro athletes when they first started working with me is that they were either oblivious of the fact that their joints were unhealthy, or they were aware but didn’t know how to fix it.

The athletes who listened, and made it a priority to follow my instruction, stayed healthy throughout their season.

For the other who didn’t make it a priority…well, let’s say they paid the price in their career.

Build Muscle

And not with the traditional bodybuilding approach. That won’t make you more athletic.

It means building strength in ways that support your performance and longevity. True functional muscle that has a lot of “go” with the “show”. We all want to look great on the beach, but what good is it if you can’t perform?

You need to train in a way that builds athletic, high performance muscle…so you’re ready for anything at any time.

Train Explosively

I feel the most athletic and youthful when I’m participating in activities that allow me to be explosive. Sprinting, jumping, throwing, hitting, Olympic lifting, etc.

Working the fast-twitch muscle fibers as part of your regular training is crucial to improving athletic performance. If you don’t activate them through exercise on a consistent basis, they will likely fade away along with your speed, power, and quickness.

These strategies are what keep me performing and looking better at 45 than I did at 25.

They can do the same for you.

No one has to let their athleticism fade. In fact, it’s a crime to do so.

That’s why I created the “30-Day Get Lean Challenge.” It will give you the tools you need to be lean, jacked, and an Athlete For Life.

Let’s make this your best year yet!

Age ain’t nothin but a number,