the 3 worst kinds of resistance exercise

In General by Adam Friedman

One of my biggest life challenges is time management. My packed schedule means I’m often pressed for time.

So when it comes to training, I can’t waste a second on exercises that serve little to no purpose to me achieving my goals. I need the most effective movements. Those that provide the most bang for your buck.

But what are the essential exercises?

We can all get sidetracked by the circus acts on social media. Or we gravitate towards exercises that come easy. But that’s not always what’s best for us.

Our human nature tends to follow the path of least resistance. We shy away from things that are difficult. Embrace this inherent fact, but don’t let it dictate your success, or lack thereof, with poor choices.

Here are the three worst kinds of exercise:

  • Those done with poor technique
  • Those with an excessive repetitive nature
  • Those that serve no purpose to your goal

They take time and energy away from doing the relevant performance and prevention exercises. Each is counterproductive in that it diminishes results and increases risk of injury.

What does work:

Distinguishing the purpose and proper execution of each exercise. This is the only way to make the most of your time and energy.

The Essential (but neglected) Exercises:

Corrective – the exercises to improve your body’s dysfunctions and asymmetries.

Prehab – they counter the stress of your sport demands and help prevent injury.

Athletic Deficiencies – those necessary to fill in the gaps in your athleticism.

Avoiding these essential exercises only reinforces the physical imbalances in your body. This leads to diminished results and eventual breakdown. This lack of attention is self-destructive to your success as an athlete.

It’s time to make a commitment to do all the “little things” that make a big difference. And then act on that commitment.

These little things are your correctives, daily stretching, warm-ups, activations, and pre-hab exercises.

In over two decades as a strength coach, I’ve seen what’s missing in the routines of so many athletes. That’s why I make sure to include these game changers my programs.

My members sometimes curse me while they’re doing them, but then thank me afterwards because of how much better they feel.

You’ll find many of these exercises in the “30-Day Get Lean Challenge”. And you too will feel better than ever after doing them.

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Suck less, and be better,