Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics 30-Day Get Lean Challenge Posture

never back down from a good fight

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Let’s be clear from the start. I’m not advocating violence here. I’m advocating exercising a relentless effort to take on the constant challenges that make you a better athlete.

One never-ending challenge that requires that kind of tenacious effort from you is your posture.

But what does posture have to do with being a better athlete? Well…a ton.

It can project to others whether you’re confident or unsure of yourself. Energized or fatigued. Focused or distracted. Strong or weak. And I guarantee, any competitor will do everything they can to exploit any chink in your armour…starting with your posture.

But never-mind the opposition. Because your posture is whispering all the same things to your subconscious mind. All at once. And if you’re unaware, then you’ll blindly follow that hidden momentum towards defeat. And I won’t let you stand for that…now or ever.

Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics 30-Day Get Lean Challenge Posture Sitting

One of the first things that I do with new clients is assess their standing posture. I can tell immediately by the alignment of their bones if they are out of balance.

Posture is like a crystal ball that I use to predict an individual’s risk for injury. And resolving this is a primary focus in my programming, as it should be in yours.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to rigorously take on the fight for better posture. And technology is to blame. Notice your posture as you read this message.

Now combine that forward-leaning head and rounded shoulder with the inescapable, relentless force of gravity. Together, they’re pulling you more in the direction of your imbalances which are the result of the repetitive nature of your activity and non-activity.

Adam Friedman Advanced Athletics 30-Day Get Lean Challenge Posture Standing

To see this for yourself, have a friend take your profile photo from all sides. And do this in your swimsuit, for full disclosure. No more hiding from the truth.

Now date these photos and retake them every 6 months to see if you make progress or you regress.

The power is in your hands…to never back down from this good fight.

In my programs, I provide the right exercises to help improve your posture, while you get in kick-ass shape.

Get yours.

In support of your foundation,